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JessicaHartley BioMy name is Jessica Levine and I LOVE to bake and I love to eat. You’re probably thinking, yeah so do a lot of people. So I’ve created this blog to ignite my passion for cooking and baking in all of you. This blog will teach you to appreciate the the joy of eating while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

From hamburgers to brussels sprouts, I cover it all. There’s very little I won’t eat or try and encourage my readers to take the same approach to eating. So though I enjoy cooking, I also love dining out and you’ll find PLENTY of restaurant reviews and recommendations for foodies and safe eaters alike.

I hope this blog will be your new guilty pleasure and that you will also become a fan of the rejuvenated Hartley Confections. Please feel free to contact me at levine.jessica@gmail.com for more information!

Thanks for reading.



4 Responses

  1. Jessica, this is SOOO cool!! I am so excited for you! I remember that delicious red velvet cake you made for my 21st birthday…..I think I may have dropped part of it on the floor….? Big surprise there! This is a really awesome site, I’ll keep checking it! Talk to you soon!!

  2. I’m still wide open to the idea of a seasonal pie showcase at my apartment. Nice work with the blog!

  3. That actually might be happening fairly soon. In the next month or two (Late Dec/Jan) I’m looking to host a small “Shabbat” dessert tasting. I’m going to be drafting up score cards so I can get feedback.

    For anyone reading this that might be interested in attending, please email me at Jessica@HartleyConfections.com.

  4. […] Everything on their menu is a must-try, you can’t go wrong! And please tell her Jessica Hartley says […]

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