David Burke’s Foodie Wonderland

David Burke's TownhouseDavid Burke, you had me at hello. Foodbuzz you’ve always had me.

Hats off to the producers behind last night’s Foodbuzz Millionth Blog Post celebration at David Burke’s Townhouse. I was in complete awe and admiration of the truly stunning display of American fare chef David Burke, had prepared for us. And as a recent winner of the James Beard Lifetime Achievement award, I wouldn’t expect anything less!

I was told he was out to impress, and that he did with an overwhelming selection of fresh shellfish and sashimi, classic sliders, perfectly grilled meats, countless fried and steamed dumplings, and dozens of other tantilizing bites including a charming selection of petit desserts. The selection of food seemed endless! And I savored every last morsel from their special Lychee Martini Cocktail to their signature cheesecake lollipop. But the best part was, so did everyone else!

David Burke's Townhouse Lychee Martini David Burke's Townhouse Sliders

In my circle of family and friends I’m hard pressed to find someone who truly loves and appreciates food more than I do. Whether we’re talking sweet, savory, sour, meat, fish, vegetables, I love them all. I eat every meal as if it were my last and I have a good feeling that some of the other foodies in the room do the same. For once, I wasn’t alone!!! My eyes popped and my mouth watered along with dozens of other ravenous foodies eager to taste the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. And this time, God himself encouraged us to enjoy the fruits of our laborious food writing.

David Burke's Townhouse Lobster Scramble David Burke's Townhouse Sushi

In about 90 minutes I consumed 2 sliders, numerous dumplings, lobster scramble, lobster bisque, tuna sashimi, grilled rib eye, grilled salmon, assorted sushi, scallop ceviche, tuna tar tar, foie gras, beef carpaccio, butterscotch panna cotta, a beignette, apple fritter, and finally David Burke’s trademark, cheesecake lollipop.

David Burke's Townhouse Espresso Creme Brulee David Burke's Townhouse Lollipop Tree

And after indulging in some phenomenal food, making some new foodie friends, and meeting the renowned David Burke in the flesh, the clock struck midnight and I was no longer a cheesecake lollipop on a pine tree pedestal. Though I’ll continue to savor – the wonderful flavors – of David Burke’s Town-house.

David Burke's Townhouse Jessica Hartley


A Closer Look at Atlantic Grill

Atlantic Grill has been an Upper East side staple for quite some time. This BR Guest Restaurant is noted for its fantastic seafood, sushi, and raw bar. It was most recently voted one of the 50 most popular restaurants in New York in the 2008 Zagat. Given its rave reviews and status, I figured it would be the perfect place to celebrate my mom’s birthday.

Similar to its other BR Guest counterparts, Atlantic Grill’s decor though crowded and noisy was beautifully lit and very charming. I recall celebrating many joyous occasions at my favorite of the 12 restaurant chains, Blue Water Grill, though the feeling I had upon entering this restaurant was unlike one I’d ever had.

Our party of 5 was seated at a round table with a semi circle booth and two chairs. We commenced our dining experience with a toast of blue moon, chardonay, pinot grigio, and shiraz. Everyone seemed to enjoy what they were drinking. We started the night off with a few appetizers which included the Atlantic’s Chopped Salad, a Shrimp & Lobster Spring Roll, and a Maryland Crabcake which were all the highlight off the night.

For our main courses we tried the Horseradish Crusted Scottish Salmon, the Simply Grilled Tuna with sauteed Spinach, two Pan Seared Salmon Dishes (one with mixed Vegetables and another with butternut squash ravioli and brussel sprouts), and a Crab Crusted Golden Snapper. Before beginning my dish I was already filled with disappointed because I was informed that the special, a Pan Seared Salmon with sweet potato gnocchi and brussel sprouts in a cider reduction had already sold out! But in spite of that, I still was less than thrilled with my dish. The salmon was only gently seared and lacked that golden crispy crust one would expect of a seared fish. I had also requested the salmon to be cooked medium and it appeared to be well done. And though the accompanying sides were delicious, there were very few of them. I also happened to try a bit of my sister’s spinach and did not think even that was sufficient. The texture was quite leafy where as I am used to something a bit smoother and less dry.

But even with my sub-par meal, with the exception of the appetizers, the guest of honor was more than pleased with hers and that was most important. The night was fabulous despite it all and we ended of course with my mom’s favorite Crumb’s Carrot Cake Cupcakes!