Cheesesteaks at Wogies

True or False. I had only eated one cheesesteak EVER before Wogies.

Though you might not believe me, given how fanatical I am about messy eating, I’ve only had ONE cheesesteak prior to Friday afternoon’s gorging at Wogies. The initial reason my coworkers and I trekked over there, outside of craving cheesesteaks, was because I had a $10 off coupon from to redeem. Wogies is a good 15 minute walk from our office, so I was hoping that braving the wind and light snow would have its payoff.

And that it did. A delicious meaty sandwich on a slightly hungover Friday afternoon really hit the spot for all of us. Granted we all wanted to take a massive nap afterwards, but I guess you can’t have everything… In any case the cheesesteaks were good, not great. Though it’s hard from me to evaluate a cheesesteak given my lack of experience eating them, as a sandwich I’d give it a 6, and this rating is ONLY for the steak sandwich, not the offensive looking chicken cheesesteak that you see below. But Wogies cheesesteaks do get an honorable mention for their lack of excessive grease.

Chicken Cheesesteak, I think?

Classic Cheesesteak with Mushrooms & Onions

I’d say the highlight of the meal, was when my coworker Adam was recognized by the waitress for eating at Wogies so many times. I think he’ll think twice before returning… But coming in a close second were Wogies waffle fries. I’m usually not a big fan of waffle fries, but these were especially good. They were perfectly crispy and well seasoned without being too overdone. And, the best part about the fries were that they were free! Apparently during lunch, for every sandwich your party orders you get 1/2 an order of fries at no charge. So technically we should have received an order and a 1/2 but I won’t hold it against them.

So, would I return? Maybe just for the fries…

Before And After Shots of my Cheesesteak covered in “Rabbit Food”

39 Greenwich Avenue

Food for Thought 2/2 – 2/6

Since I’ve been dining out quite a bit over the last two weeks or so, I decided that I will be posting a brief recap of some of the recent places I’ve visited, the latest food news & food related events, and what you can look forward to reading via this week’s posts. Every Monday morning I will post the “Food for Thought” of the week. And here goes…


  • TONIGHT: Israeli Wine Tasting Event at Suba, $25 cover charge for a THREE HOUR wine and tapas tasting (which will be kosher). Proceeds will be donated to Save a Child’s Heart. Pictures and details of the event will be posted later in the week.

GOSSIP: This might be your last chance to hit Suba before Spitzer’s management turns it into a Mexican joint. As if we need another one of those…

*I will be present at both events so come and say hello : )


  • Though it has been some time since Borough Food and Drink has turned over, I headed over to the newly replaced Almond to see what all the fuss is about.
  • And an oldie but a goodie (for some) I finally tried the European style Petit Abeille.


  • Apparently Cambodian streetfood is just that good. More on my experience at LES hot spot Kampuchea later this week as well as details on their one time only Valentine’s desserts and half-price wine Sundays.


  • Second time’s a charm at Wogies. Chicken vs. Steak and Free Fries…


  • Wings, pizza, beer, SPINACH ARTICHOKE DIP, and more.