St. Paddy’s Day Adventure

Last weekend I ventured out to Hoboken for their St. Paddy’s Day celebration with a few friends. I figured since I’d never been before, it was something I just needed to experience for myself. So we headed out at around noon, well after the serious St. Paddy’s Day crowd had already arrived. Greeted by hoards of party goers adorned in green, we decided to skip the exhausted bar lines and stick to the house parties! And our first stop was Jamie Klein’s adorable apartment. She even served us food, what a nice suprise!

To my suprise there was an entire spread of green bagels (just for the occassion), an egg casserole, green donuts, cheese and crackers, and a keg of beer. Since I’d already eaten on the way in, I decided to try a bite of the egg casserole. The casserole really hit the spot after a few sips of beer. It was creamy and delicious and had the perfect amount of bacon giving it a nice smokey flavor. I knew I needed to get that recipe!

Though I swore I’d stop eating after the eggs, I went back at it having a few bites of a green bagel and then a green donut. I mean hey, if I’m up drinking at noon, I deserve some hearty sustinance. And that I got!!!

A few hours later, after some light drinking (wink wink), we headed to the only candy store in town and had a field day! I mixed and matched my favorite sweets including sour watermelons, chocolate covered gummy bears, and kookaburra licorice. And there was nothing sweeter than purchasing the candy at about half the price it would cost if we’d boughten it in the city!
Although our day didn’t end there, I think the later part of the day is better left for the imagination.