Food for Thought 2/17 – 2/20

Oh so many things to discuss this week! I’m sorry I have neglected to post the last few days but it’s been crazy at work! I won’t bother you with all that so I’ll just cut to the lastest food news of the week…

Food Buzz

  • Did someone say Bacon Cups? Check out these beautifully designed and edible bacon cups that you can actually make yourself!
  • Deep Fried S’more On A Stick, Sloppy Joe on a Krispy Kreme, Deep Fried Peanut Butter-Covered Brownie Wrapped in Cookie Dough. Apparently THIS IS WHY YOU’RE FAT.


  • For those of you that didn’t know, it happens to be PANCAKE MONTH at Clinton Street Baking Company. Tonight I will be trying out the crunchy banana pancakes with cinnamon-chili-chocolate sauce. Tomorrow I’ll have all the deets on making reservations, the wait time, and most importantly the pancakes!
  • Fourth Wall Restaurants is hosting their 44th Annual Wine Week that runs from March 9th through March 13th. So if you have an expense account and can handle yourself after a few drinks over lunch, head over to Park Avenue Winter, Smith & Wollensky’s, Quality Meats, Post House, or Maloney & Porcelli for a variety of wine specials and flights.
  • Lasagna Bake Off!!! Sunday night I was invited to a lasagna bake off and I want to take the cake. I’d like to try out a non-traditional recipe. Email me if you have any good suggestions!


  • Speaking of Lasagna, I made a FABULOUS batch last night that only cost me $23! One entire tray feeds 9 people, which breaks out to about $2.56 per serving. Hopefully you’ll read more on this recipe, courtesy of Ina Garten, later today.