Restaurant Week at SD26

Although these photos clearly speak for themselves, it would be selfish of me not to share the incredible meal I experienced this afternoon at SD26.

Ever since I sampled SD26’s hamachi ceviche at the New York Taste event, I vowed to indulge in a full meal at their restaurant conveniently located on the outskirts of Madison Square Park. Given the fact that the New York Taste event was back in November, what I tasted that night may or may not have been hamachi ceviche. But needless to say, SD26 made quite an impression on me amidst some of New York’s most renowned restaurants and chefs.

But despite my overwhelming desire to try what I believed would be an outstanding meal, SD26 is a small investment for a 26 year old working in media. Lucky for me they jumped on the Restaurant Week bandwagon, allowing me to sample some of their signature dishes at a fraction of the cost. And of course in hopes that I’d be lured back for more, much more.

And the verdict, well the pictures say it all. SD26’s food was my muse, and the camera a mere bystander in what you see before you. The restaurant week menu held true to their original lunch menu which included a well rounded selection of meats, fish, and a few other surprises like their soft egg filled ravioli and homemade chitarra pasta. The hardest part of my day was deciding what to order.

But we soon learned that it didn’t matter what we ordered. It was all incredibly luscious. From the well seasoned “Uovo” whose silky yolk and truffle butter just melted in our mouths to the perfectly succulent Guinea Hen and finally ending with the incredibly flavorful and wonderfully textural Vanilla Bean Panna cotta and velvety crispy Moka Bar.

I have to admit that despite the fact that SD26 will be a costly affair now that restaurant week has come to a close, it is absolutely worth saving up for.


Madison Square Park

19 East 26th Street (between Madison & Broadway)


2 Responses

  1. Ooo, I like your pictures. That panna cotta was DElicious.

  2. Jessica-
    Thank You!-Thank You!-Thank You!
    -Discovered you by accident looking up comments and blogs about SD26 because I was headed there unexpectedly today-4/9/10 since I had to be in Chelsea at 25th and 26th St Galleries–after trying to get there for a long time now!. Go way back with TONY MAY to his Rainbow Room Days-and never even noticed the UOVO RAVIOLI on the San Domenico Menue in all that time-because I rarely even look at the pasta items on Menues, being a carb watcher! (But Chef Odette told me it has been there all those years-when I complimented her on the dish today-and asked abou!t it’s origins–It goes way back to Italian Royal Days, when it was ‘invented’ for the last King of Italy)!
    The UOVO RAVIOLI was quite simply-‘Orgasmic’ (to steal a phrase from another blogger-And tied for ‘The Best Thing I Ever Ate’ -(Along with a Foie Gras Dish-which is a whole ‘nother comment)! And I owe its discovery all to you, and your discerning palate–and your wonderful posting on SD26!!!
    Looking forward to reading more of your blogs, I am now a big fan-
    From A Grateful and Big Foody, Carol

    -which is a whole otou, for your palatediscernmentish-which is another Comment) And I owe theit all to y invented for th)toSomeniocund yo

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