A Salt & Battery

Admittedly Fish & Chips is not a part of my food repertoire but on occassion I do indulge in a succulent piece of fried fish. And what better place to enjoy such an unwholesome food than at A Salt & Battery.

A Salt & Battery serves up a mean Fish ‘N’ Chips along with some English favorites such as baked in-house meat pies and battered sausages. The later might not be my personal likes to consider themselves “Cooks With A Conscious”. They feel that due to the current environmental climate and the world-wide depletion of fish stocks, it is enviornmentally sound to carry locally grown sustainable produce. Who knew fried fish mongers were so green?

In any case, I couldn’t wait to take a big bite out of whatever we decided to order, even though we were already on stop number two of the NYC Food Tour. I guess I was so hungry it didn’t matter what I was eating. Luckily Rich ordered two small orders of fried fish with chips that we planned to share between the three of us. Although the fish he ordered, Hallock & Pollock, were typical of fried fish I’d never eaten them before. I usually order some pickled onion to accompany the fish, but I figured it was more than my stomach could handle knowing there was plenty more food ahead.

Me & Rich Pre-Fish

Being a bit condiment obessessed I probably dipped the fish and chips in everything possible before shoving them in my mouth. I tasted the Hallock first, thoroughly enjoying it with the creamy yet chunky tarter sauce it was served with. Next I sampled some chips after smothering them with malt vinegar and ketchup. Yum, what a glorious combination!!! After that I tried the Pollock which was my personal favorite though Rich and Alan preferred the Haddock. Finally, I combined everything at once, the Pollock with tarter sauce and the chips with malt vinegar and ketchup and washing the bite down with a sip of regular gingerale. It was the perfect bite!

Haddock & Chips

Pollock & Chips

Done & Done!

I regretfully didn’t try the Fried Mars Bar but I figured it would give me a reason to come back. I also needed to save some room for the next stop on my three stop NYC Food Tour, the Donut Plant!

112 Greenwich Ave, between 12th and 13th Streets