McDonald’s Breakfast Reviewed

McDonald'sSo I know this blog is supposedly be healthy but on Saturday morning I woke up craving a McDonald’s breakfast. It’s probably been at least a good 13 or so years since I’ve had one, but there was nothing I wanted more at that moment. And I think I’d earned this 1,000-1,200 calorie meal after a whole 13 years of deprivation.

I immediately looked at the clock to check the time since we all know, from the move Big Daddy, that McDonald’s breakfast ends at 10:30am, or so I thought. Luckily on weekends McDonald’s serves breakfast until 11:00am, and I had made it there JUST in time.

Although McDonald’s breakfast menu is a favorite among loyal customers, breakfast items are not served throughout the day. There was talk in 2006 of adding a few breakfast items to the lunch menu, to breakfast fans’ disappointment, never came to fruition. Though the delicious breakfast items are not the only reason customers frequent this fast food haven. And according to the NY Daily News, I’m not the only cost conscious consumer taking advantage of the $3.99 Breakfast Deluxe.

Apparently McDonald’s doesn’t serve anything separately anymore, so I was forced into ordering their Breakfast Deluxe which comes with 3 pancakes, scrambled eggs, a biscuit, hashbrown, and sausage patty. Since I try and steer clear of what I consider “weird meat” I opted to keep my breakfast vegetarian. And I think a sausage patty from McDonald’s definitely falls into the “weird meat” category.

Despite the other wonderful meals that I’d had this past week, this was hands down the most satisfying. The combination of the sweet pancakes (which didn’t even need its usual accompaniments, butter and syrup), buttery eggs, and crisp biscuit really hit the spot. And I had almost forgotten about my adorable, sunny little hash brown, which made for a nice snack later on in the day.

McDonald’s breakfast is always a good idea, in theory, though I’d recommend saving it for special occasions (aka hangovers). Please keep in mind that unhealthy food is necessary, just in moderation.


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McDonald's Breakfast

McDonald’s Breakfast

McDonald's Breakfast Deluxe

McDonald’s Breakfast Deluxe sin Sausage



McDonald's Hash Brown

McDonald’s Hash Brown

Homemade Egg Sandwich

Homemade Egg Sandwich