Fire Island BBQs

It’s already day three of the new J-O-B and all I can think about is my next trip out to Fire Island. Though working at Discovery is incredibly exciting, it’s hard not to reminisce of indulgent weekends filled with sun, bbq, Whitney’s Market sandwiches, & inordinate amounts of liquor.

Summit Grill

But the best meal I had all weekend must have been at the Bernacchio Family BBQ. With a piece of equipment like the Weber Summit Grill, I knew the Bernacchios meant business. This six burner propane machine was as beautiful as it was impressive. When I saw a big hunk of prime rib slowly roasting over a fresh new que, I knew my weekend had peaked. This was the best there was to be eaten in Fire Island, well compared to my share house and Whitney’s sandwiches.

And after roasting in its own juices for an hour and a half in an array of dry herbs and olive oil, the Bernacchio Prime Rib was ready to be cut and devoured.

Prime Rib

This perfectly cooked prime rib was tender and seasoned so well it had no need for condiments. And for me, a condiment-free piece of meat or anything that matter really speaks to the great quality and prudent preparation of the meat.

Pasta Salad with Broccoli & Roasted Garlic

 And lucky for me, the sides were plentiful! A bright green pasta salad filled with fresh broccoli & penne accompanied my wonderfully medium rare prime rib. Though the meal wouldn’t be complete without a helping of Rachel’s brownies that admittedly did disappoint. But with Rachel’s crumbcake as the savior, I still managed to satisfy my sweet tooth and my expectations of her infamous fire island gold mine.

Rachel's Brownies

Rachel's Brownies

A delicious ending to a breezy summer day or the perfect meal before a night of debauchery? I’ll let you be the judge.

And to get your BBQ on THIS weekend, head over to Madison Square Park for the Big Apple Barbeque Block Party. Hearty $8 plates will be served from 15 different restaurants spanning 10 states across the US. Among the elite are Ken Callaghan’s Blue Smoke, Pete Daversa’s Hill Country, and John Stage’s Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. Let the games begin!