Breakfast for Dinner?

Eggland's Best Eggs

Breakfast for dinner; a brilliant marketing ploy to get us consumers to eat more eggs OR an enticing way to lure hungry Foodbuzz featured publishers to a free dinner hosted by Eggland’s Best?

Well, fortunately for Eggland’s reputation it’s the latter and let me tell you, it was a delightful little meal.

Eggland’s Best dinner was hosted at Beacon restaurant in Midtown. Despite knowing that Eggland’s Best eggs would be served,  I was hoping Beacon would serve some of their own upscale fare as well (Beacon’s main courses start at $30!). But aside from the Prosecco and croissant assortment, which were lovely, the eggs were certainly the center of attention.

 Eggland's Scrambled Eggs egglands-best-event-skirt-steak-046

The scent of eggs, croissants, and more croissants filled the room, nearly begging to be eaten.  Eggland’s even had a create-your-own omelet station to allow for omelets to be made with only whites. It was an Eggland affair!

egglands-best-event-skirt-steak-040 egglands-best-event-skirt-steak-045 egglands-best-event-skirt-steak-057

So now you probably want to know what I thought of the eggs that have been voted America’s best tasting egg for 7 consecutive years, right? Let’s put it this way, I eat A LOT of eggs. If I could put a number on it, I’d say I eat at least 2 eggs and 6 egg whites a week (a little more than half a carton). And despite my heavy egg consumption I honestly don’t taste a difference between brands. Maybe that’s because I’ve never thought about it too much. After all, they’re just eggs! Though I am certain that with the 25% less saturated fat, 10x more vitamin E, 100 mg of Omega-3, 2x more iodine, and 25% more lutein Eggland’s Best eggs have over their competitors, that they are the best egg around. But do I taste the difference, sadly I do not.

Despite the lack of Eggland’s differentiation from other brands, I now know more about eggs than I ever needed to. And will leave you with this realized food myth on Brown Eggs (vs. White Eggs):

For some reason I was always under the impression that brown eggs were richer in flavor than white eggs. Well guess what, brown eggs are brown because they were laid from brown chickens. Brown eggs tend to be larger than white eggs because brown chickens eat more (why, I’m not sure) but the nutritional value of white and brown eggs are EQUAL. So, to all of you chickens out there also buying brown eggs, feed them to the birds!



Le Pain Quotidien

Le Pain QuotidienI think it’s safe to say that with a presence in 13 countries, French-trained pastry chef Alain Coumont, has created a pastry empire with Le Pain Quotidien. Le Pain Quotidien literally means “daily bread” and was first started in Belgium in the early 90’s. With 17 locations in New York, it’s hard not to notice this quaint eatery filled with delectable breads and pastries.


Le Pain Quotidien considers themselves a bakery and communal table, which is probably one of my favorite things about this cozy chain. Diners have the option of sitting at smaller private tables or joining others at one large table. On the two occasions I have eaten breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien, I’ve opted to sit at the private tables, though they are quite close to one another. But despite the lack of privacy, the intimate feel of the bakery paired with the rustic breads makes for a perfect weekday or weekend breakfast.

The cuisine is mostly organic and essentially French. Le Pain Quotidien offers an assortment of breads, soups, salads, and eggs for breakfast, but there is only one thing that I return for.

The reason I visit Le Pain Quotidien is for their Two Soft-Boiled Eggs with bread (see below), which makes for a nice 440 calorie breakfast. Not that I wouldn’t enjoy their other offerings, since I’ve never actually ordered anything else, but I just don’t see a reason in trying something new when you the thing you like is just that good.

Two Soft-Boiled Eggs

Two Soft-Boiled Eggs

Broken Soft-Boiled Eggs

Broken Soft-Boiled Eggs

Eggs Up Close & Personal

Eggs Up Close & Personal

The two soft-boiled eggs delicately sit on their silver pedestals just waiting for me to devour their milky white shells and creamy yolks. Accompanying the eggs are some whole wheat and sourdough bread with an assortment of condiments including Raspberry & Apricot Jams and a some variation of Nutella, but better! Clearly, it’s very difficult for me to even think about ordering anything else on the menu, aside from some coffee, with steamed milk on the side. Though my friend had no qualms in ordering something else and opted for the Organic Black Bean Hummus Tartine with spicy tahini. The presentation was lovely, though I didn’t have any myself.

Organic Black Bean Hummus Tartine

Organic Black Bean Hummus Tartine

I hope all of you will stop into the charming Le Pain Quotidien in your neighborhood. Please note that the Two Soft-Boiled Eggs, with bread are only served until 12pm on weekdays and 2pm on weekends.


833 Lexington Ave between 64th & 65th Streets