Good Morning Aruba

An Aruban morning isn’t much different than any other morning I spend in New York. In Aruba, I leisurely awake around 9:30-10am, hit the gym for about an hour, shower, eat breakfast, grab some Dunkin Donuts coffee and start my day, though here I’m adorned in swimwear.

But yes, Aruba is about as Americanized as they come in terms of vacations. If you’re coming for the local food, turn yourself right back around. If you really wanted to, you could eat breakfast at Dunkin Donuts, lunch at Hooters, and spend dinner munching on Dominos from your 5th floor hotel balcony. Dunkin Donuts is the only American thing here I care to indulge in and I must admit, it’s a nice perk. AND, my hotel even has a Subway attached to it and considering how poor the local food is here you really can’t beat that!
Two mornings ago I decided to skip the gym and head straight to Dunkin for a coffee run for the group. I’d been eyeing some of the donuts native to the island the day before and decided that today was the day I was going to eat one. Being that there are only two donuts native to Aruba, I chose the guava donut over the pineapple donut since it seemed a little more exotic. Unfortunately the day I chose to eat the donut it’s covered in sugar rather than powder, but had a very interesting flavor none the less. To my disappointment the guava filling tasted artificially sweetened. It didn’t have that fresh naturally sweet flavor of the actual guava fruit but what can I really expect out of a donut made in an Aruban Dunkin Donuts? None the less, I happily finished the donut by sunset.
– Across from the Playa Linda