Nielsen’s Diversity Day

Nielsen Diversity DayNielsen’s Annual Diversity Celebration was sponsored by its own New York Diversity Council. Nielsen’s Diversity Council began in 2006 and is dedicated to an inclusive and diverse work environment where individuals’ differences are understood, respected and valued.

The New York Diversity event was held to celebrate The Nielsen Company’s culture, heritage, and diversity through food, art, and music. The event was promoted to all Nielsen employees and encouraged the contribution of unique cultural dishes to represent each employee’s background.

The Multicultural buffet represented dishes from around the world. The dishes varied from Spanikopita to Seafood Gumbo to Mac & Cheese and were grouped by continent. Although I’m in no way Italian, I decided to make my Whole Wheat Penne a la Vodka with Asparagus. People seemed to enjoy it, as it was finished shortly after it was served.

To add to the festive theme, some of the attendees dressed in their native garments, which was quite entertaining. There were also contests where Nielsen Employees were eligible to win Knicks tickets, among other prizes. Overall, it was a great event that united many Nielsen Employees from Business Media, NetRatings, and Online.

Although my favorite part were the desserts, especially the Drop In Dessert and the Pecan Pie, you can find some pictures of the lovely spread below: