A Salt & Battery

Admittedly Fish & Chips is not a part of my food repertoire but on occassion I do indulge in a succulent piece of fried fish. And what better place to enjoy such an unwholesome food than at A Salt & Battery.

A Salt & Battery serves up a mean Fish ‘N’ Chips along with some English favorites such as baked in-house meat pies and battered sausages. The later might not be my personal likes to consider themselves “Cooks With A Conscious”. They feel that due to the current environmental climate and the world-wide depletion of fish stocks, it is enviornmentally sound to carry locally grown sustainable produce. Who knew fried fish mongers were so green?

In any case, I couldn’t wait to take a big bite out of whatever we decided to order, even though we were already on stop number two of the NYC Food Tour. I guess I was so hungry it didn’t matter what I was eating. Luckily Rich ordered two small orders of fried fish with chips that we planned to share between the three of us. Although the fish he ordered, Hallock & Pollock, were typical of fried fish I’d never eaten them before. I usually order some pickled onion to accompany the fish, but I figured it was more than my stomach could handle knowing there was plenty more food ahead.

Me & Rich Pre-Fish

Being a bit condiment obessessed I probably dipped the fish and chips in everything possible before shoving them in my mouth. I tasted the Hallock first, thoroughly enjoying it with the creamy yet chunky tarter sauce it was served with. Next I sampled some chips after smothering them with malt vinegar and ketchup. Yum, what a glorious combination!!! After that I tried the Pollock which was my personal favorite though Rich and Alan preferred the Haddock. Finally, I combined everything at once, the Pollock with tarter sauce and the chips with malt vinegar and ketchup and washing the bite down with a sip of regular gingerale. It was the perfect bite!

Haddock & Chips

Pollock & Chips

Done & Done!

I regretfully didn’t try the Fried Mars Bar but I figured it would give me a reason to come back. I also needed to save some room for the next stop on my three stop NYC Food Tour, the Donut Plant!

112 Greenwich Ave, between 12th and 13th Streets


NYC Food Tours

Although I’ve heard and read about food tours happening around various parts of NYC, I have yet to experience a guided tour. But this past weekend I was lucky enough to have foodies friends and family take me on a three stop food tour. Although three stops seems like a short food tour, I don’t think I could have eaten much more!

My Uncle Richard and his friend Alan, both being native New Yorkers, are quite knowledgeable about NY culinary hot spots and were pleased to have me tag along on their pre-planned tour of soon-to-be devoured eateries. In no particular order this was the schedule:

S’Mac (East Village) 11 am
La Esquina (Soho) 12:30 pm
A Salt & Battery (West Village) 1:45 pm
Donut Plant (Lower East Side) 3:00 pm

Clearly we had our work cut out for us between the variety of food and scattered locations but as a fellow foodie I couldn’t wait to conquer what was ahead. I decided to skip S’Mac, as I’m not the biggest fan, and headed straight for La Esquina. I’ve actually been waiting to eat in the main dining room at La Esquina for quite some time but I could never get a reservation and I eventually just gave up all together. A Salt & Battery I’ve been to before and throughly enjoyed it. Though the reason for my return would be to try the Deep Fried Mars Bar. To find out you’ll have to see check out the A Salt & Battery post here.

Our last stop, which seemed the most fitting, was the Donut Plant. And if you’ve already had the privilege of tasting their specialty donuts, then you’ll definitely want to read up my experience!

Stay tuned for individual posts of each Food Tour stop!