$12 Challenge Here I Come!

So the vote has been cast and soon enough I will be a contestant on Food 2’s $12 Challenge. With wit, sarcasm, and creativity I will surely trump whatever my contender dishes out. Unfortunately I won’t have much time to mentally prepare before the shoot, as our direction is given by our potential love interest, I have now been told I can bring a secret ingredient along with me!

It is pretty tough to just bring ONE ingredient with me. But the “secret ingredient” can be anything I want from a good luck charm to a zester. This ingredient is key for the camera because if picked correctly it will compliment my dish perfectly and ultimately lead me to victory!

As of course I have NO idea what to bring with me, so I’ll put it out there for suggestions from my fans. You are fans, right? Well, in any case, I hope someone out there will inspire me with a killer ingredient that will wow both my potential love and the audience!

Be creative!


Can Food Lead to Love?

$12 Challenge

I have been in love with food for as long as I can remember. But maybe its time that food led me to a real life love?

Although food is a HUGE part of my life, its never led to any dates or romantic interests for that matter and not for lack of trying! Of course wining and dining have been key factors in winning MY affections but my mission to become the next food socialite hasn’t quite led me to love.  Which begs the question, will it ever?

I never really paired food and falling in love together until I interviewed for the $12 Challenge. This new webisode series hosted by the Food Network’s blog, Food 2, has caught my attention and apparently others that adore food and are also looking for love. Sounds right up my alley!

The premise of the $12 Challenge is simple.  Two contestants use their finest culinary talents to compete for a date with a so-called Foodie. The kicker is that the contestants only receive $12 and are given two hours to cook a winning meal on the streets of New York City. No kitchen, no knives, no nothing really. Creativity and wit are the only two things that will get you through this quirky competition. And being the author of Hartley Confections, I figured I was up for the challenge.

So yesterday afternoon I made my first appearance on camera and revealed my most public secrets on food and dating. And after being grilled (no pun intended) on both my food and love lives I came to the conclusion that maybe I can find love through food and even in a setting as obscure as the $12 Challenge (if I’m selected). After all, the way into a man’s heart is through is stomach!

Stay tuned for more on food and love AND if you’ll be feasting your eyes on ME in the next $12 Challenge.