David Burke’s Foodie Wonderland

David Burke's TownhouseDavid Burke, you had me at hello. Foodbuzz you’ve always had me.

Hats off to the producers behind last night’s Foodbuzz Millionth Blog Post celebration at David Burke’s Townhouse. I was in complete awe and admiration of the truly stunning display of American fare chef David Burke, had prepared for us. And as a recent winner of the James Beard Lifetime Achievement award, I wouldn’t expect anything less!

I was told he was out to impress, and that he did with an overwhelming selection of fresh shellfish and sashimi, classic sliders, perfectly grilled meats, countless fried and steamed dumplings, and dozens of other tantilizing bites including a charming selection of petit desserts. The selection of food seemed endless! And I savored every last morsel from their special Lychee Martini Cocktail to their signature cheesecake lollipop. But the best part was, so did everyone else!

David Burke's Townhouse Lychee Martini David Burke's Townhouse Sliders

In my circle of family and friends I’m hard pressed to find someone who truly loves and appreciates food more than I do. Whether we’re talking sweet, savory, sour, meat, fish, vegetables, I love them all. I eat every meal as if it were my last and I have a good feeling that some of the other foodies in the room do the same. For once, I wasn’t alone!!! My eyes popped and my mouth watered along with dozens of other ravenous foodies eager to taste the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. And this time, God himself encouraged us to enjoy the fruits of our laborious food writing.

David Burke's Townhouse Lobster Scramble David Burke's Townhouse Sushi

In about 90 minutes I consumed 2 sliders, numerous dumplings, lobster scramble, lobster bisque, tuna sashimi, grilled rib eye, grilled salmon, assorted sushi, scallop ceviche, tuna tar tar, foie gras, beef carpaccio, butterscotch panna cotta, a beignette, apple fritter, and finally David Burke’s trademark, cheesecake lollipop.

David Burke's Townhouse Espresso Creme Brulee David Burke's Townhouse Lollipop Tree

And after indulging in some phenomenal food, making some new foodie friends, and meeting the renowned David Burke in the flesh, the clock struck midnight and I was no longer a cheesecake lollipop on a pine tree pedestal. Though I’ll continue to savor – the wonderful flavors – of David Burke’s Town-house.

David Burke's Townhouse Jessica Hartley


Choice Eats Awards Recap


Last night I had the priviledge of attending the 2nd Annual Choice Eats Awards at the 69th Armory. Thanks to Foodbuzz’s wonderful Featured Publisher Program, I was able to attend Choice Eats as an official member of the press. Now you’re probably thinking WOW what does an “official press member receive”? Foodbuzz was able to provide me with TWO complimentary passes ($70 value) and the ability to cut the insanely long line that hundreds of people were waiting on. And hey, I always have the title…

The best word to describe the event itself… OVERWHELMING. I can’t say for sure exactly how many people were in attendance, but there were a good few hundred hungry eaters present AND a whopping 57 restaurants  (and that doesn’t even include the beer and liquor)! Needless to say my adrenaline was pumping a mile a minute between the amount of people, the seemingly endless food and drink choices, and the excitement of just being an “official member of the press” at an event as tantilizing as this one.

Upon entry we were all given bibs to ensure that the massive damage we were doing to ourselves would only effect our health and not our immediate appearance (it’s safe to say the five pounds I gained last night are NOW showing). And as soon as we, or as I had my bib on tight, I officially entered the rat race of tasting the most and the best foods Choice Eats had to offer.

Do I go right or left? Do I eat dessert now, or hope there is some left for me later? Do I fill up on beer, or go straight for the mac and cheese? But it’s Chimay!!!! Questions on where to turn and what to do were plaguing me for at least the first 20 minutes upon entry. Finally I realized that it just wasn’t possible for me to eat and drink everything. So instead of giving up, I got smart. Luckily I had some friends with me so the move was divide and conquer. We’d each wait on a line and get a few things for all of us to share. This brilliant strategy allowed us taste an assortment of foods relatively quickly and not become too full, which was key!

Sadly, I am not the food champion I once was. Well, I’m not really sure if I really ever was, but after multiple servings of pulled pork (which I’m officially never eating ever again), italian inspired donuts, lamb meatballs, chicken wings, mac and cheese, shrimp, stuffed peppers, chicken kebabs, pizza, bruschetta, and the purest ice cream you’ll ever have I was officially DONE. Well, maybe one more donut came after that, but I think you catch my drift.

Unfortunately, I was unable to try the majority of liquor cocktails they were serving up, but I have no regrets. Though I was enormously disappointed by the few servings of cookies Momofuko Milk Bar dished out because there was not a ONE left by the time I’d finally made my way over to their table. Instead there was a sad little sign explaining that they only brought 500 cookies to the show and we should take their business cards anyway. I took a picture of this hilariously terrible sign and will post it later tonight so you can all feel my pain.

Despite the Momofuko Milk Bar incident, it was a great show and something everyone should experience whether they’re a foodie or just like to eat… A LOT! There’s so much more to cover on this event and I’ll hope you all check back for additional photos and harsh reviews. But in the meantime I’ll leave you with a list of the WORST FOOD SAMPLES:

Jimmy’s No.43 – Pulled Pork – This was BY FAR the most repulsive thing I’d eaten last night and possibly ever. It tasted as though it was frozen for 2 years and had then been defrosted.

Dirt Candy Portobello Mousse with fennel pear compote – This hideous dish is what comes from the new, trendy vegetarian spot in the East Village? What are people thinking???? I actually spit this out right on the spot. The dish was neither appealing nor tasty and I can only imagine what Dirt Candy’s main course would be, yikes!

It’s Great To Be Back!

This happens to be a big post for me. Not only is this my first post in over two weeks, which I know is just unacceptable for attaining a captive audience, but it’s also my first post on wordpress since I initially started blogging!

The truth is, I only left wordpress in the first place so that I could place sell out ads on my blog. I know that is completely lame and especially because I wasn’t even getting enough traffic to make anything substantial. And when I say substantial I mean, I JUST received a check for $2.20 cents from my only legit sponsor FoodBuzz. Clearly I wasn’t doing this for the money people!!! But regardless, I am happy to be back with wordpress which is a far superior blog host (to blogger) in more ways than I can speak of considering it is now 11:55 pm and I am completely exhausted from eating an absurd amount of food at tonight’s Choice Eats Awards, hosted by the Village Voice.

But not to worry, there will be PLENTY more on the Choice Eats Awards, with other fun coverage of recent food events, and PASSOVER recipes!