Brunch at Tree

I like brunch as much as the next person, which is why I scour menupages every weekend to find the most interesting and slightly reasonably priced restaurant. This past Sunday I chose to brunch at a fairly new eatery called Tree in the East Village. A co-worker had recommended their brunch menu and I figured, why not?

Tree give off a tiny appearance with its small indoor 8-table dining room. Though this room is small and simple, it’s quiet and comfortable, making it an ideal brunch spot. There is an elegant outdoor dining area in the back which seats most of the patrons. Since I was with a party of 8, the garden room was perfect for us, though a big chilly since it technically is outdoors.
The waitress who served us seemed very attentive and patient being that it took us a while to order. After placing our orders I received one of the strongest cups of coffee I’ve ever had; so coffee drinkers beware. Though noone else ordered any appetizers, I felt the need to try some of the cheeses that they offered and was greatly looking forward to receiving them PRIOR to my main course.
Approximately 30-45 minutes after we’d placed our orders nothing had come to the table. And after drinking that deathly cup of coffee, I desperately needed something in my stomach. When I’d ask the waitress where our cheese plate was, she’d said she’d put it in with the rest of the order but could quickly put it together, though I’d specifically requested it be served as an appetizer. When the cheese finally came out she couldn’t tell us which cheese was which. But despite her lack of knowledge about the food, the cheese was tastefully served with both sourdough and wheat baguettes as well as fantastic olive oil, honey, and almonds.
From left to right the cheese is as follows:
O’ My Heart – Lazy Lady Farm, Westfield, VT.Pasteurized cows’ milk. Mold-ripened double cream cows’ milk cheese, similar to Camembert.
Ouray – Sprout Creek Farm, Poughkeepsie NJ.Raw cows’ milk. A hybrid Cheddar and Parmesan, bright and tart with a flaky, somewhat granular texture.

Kunik -Nettle Meadow Farm, Warrenburg NJ. Paturised goats’ milk with Jersey cream. Mold-ripened triple cream cheese made from a mix of goats’ milk and fresh Jersey cream.

Fig Jam
Finally, after waiting over an hour for our food our main courses were served. We mostly ordered egg white omelets with mixed greens and french fries, except for the one pancake order. The fries were immediately disappointing, as they were ice cold which was ironic because the waitress claimed that they were the best thing on the menu. Luckily they replaced the cold fries with crisp warm ones that were a vast improvement. I didn’t get to try the pancakes but I must admit that both the omelets and the salad were both greasy. I licked my plate clean despite the overflow of oil and somewhat enjoyed it.

Ricotta Pancakes, lemon butter, real maple syrup

Egg White Omelet, with Mushrooms & Onion, Mixed Greens, & Baguette Toast

One Whole Egg & Egg Whites Omelet, Mushrooms, Gruyere, & Artichokes, Mixed Greens, & French Fries

Overall, it was a GOOD brunch, but nothing I’d be running back for. Lets just say the decor was not as charming as the service.Though I did eye another patron’s hamburger and that alone might be worth returning for. And someone has brought to my attention that are selling $25 off coupons for parties of two or more at Tree. So be sure to check out the site before you taste Tree’s sapplings.

190 First Avenue, between 11th & 12th Streets