Peanut Butter Cocktails? Yes Please!


CastriesAt Tuesday’s Indy Spirits Expo one liquor stood out above the rest and that was Castries Peanut Rum Cream. Castries is a new peanut butter liquor thats unique in both flavor and design. Its innovative packaging likely represents the subtle waves of roasted peanuts, cream, and aged rum that gives it that special something.

Served as a cocktail or a dessert, this sultry liquor is a smooth as it is versatile. Castries pairs exceptionally well with vanilla and espresso vodkas, caramel, chocolate syrup, and can even reduce into its own sauce – sweet or savory. Creamy. Seductive. Senusual. Pure. It’s everything you want in a man, I mean a rum. But there’s much more to Castries than its looks, or taste rather.

Castries is the creation of CEO David Jones and president Clyde Davis Jr. The two first collaborated on the idea when they met in business school in 2002. But David had envisioned recreating this wonderful concoction long before that. As a Barbados native, David grew up on a traditional Caribbean drink called peanut punch, similar in style and texture to a Lassi. By bringing it to the states, David wanted to intrigue peanut lovers and stay true to the essence of what traditional peanut punch tastes like. The liquor needed to appeal to consumers but also needed to stand up to other cocktail ingredients when mixed. He had his work cut out for him.

David was motivated by the fact that peanuts were consumed mainly as a snack and felt that they had much more to offer. The peanuts used are actually grown in Castries, the capital of Saint Lucia a country in the West Indies. As Castries heritage is a large part of why it was created, its only natural for its ingredients and distillation to take place in its birthplace.

So, if you’re dying to try this exotic version of peanut punch you can purchase it for $30 at Astor Wines or try one of many tantilizing drinks at a number of New York’s finest bars and restaurants here. You can also get a full assessment of Castries on Scotte’s Rum Pages.

For more memorable liquor from the Indy Spirits Expo, check back later.