Verdict on Holiday Inn’s Grilled Cheese

So, I had every intention to taste the aformentioned Holiday Inn grilled cheese that night. But after placing my first bet at the roulette table, I became an instant winner, and my desire to try the grilled cheese flew right out the window just like that. I’ve never been much of a gambler, but when you achieve that first win, it’s like a high you’ve never had. And at that moment, I wanted more.

After winning a whopping $60, which to most is a measly sum, I knew I needed to try my luck again. I also needed a reason to go back to see if this infamous grilled cheese rumor was in fact true. After a full day’s work of sun bathing, I headed back to the Holiday Inn casino. And again, I was a winner! I couldn’t believe my luck, especially at a game as unpredictable as roulette. Though after I cashed out I remembered about the grilled cheese and asked on of the waiters. To my delight, the rumor was true! The Holiday Inn does serve grilled cheese but only to their gambling folk. I knew I’d need to return…

A few hours later, I was ready to head back to my new home away from home, The Holiday Inn Casino. I told my family I was going downstairs to read, and book in hand I was off. Determined to take back another $50 or so to add to my winnings. As I approached the table I looked at the roulette board, as I usually do and noticed that a few of my numbers had come up. 90% of the time I will not play unless my numbers are posted. Feeling confident from the 3-day winning streak I decided to test the waters. My gambling is quite habitual. I come with $20, play only if my numbers show, and leave after my luck that $20 has failed me. And this time, I had failed myself.* I not only lost the $20 in two plays but was too bummed to even think about the grilled cheese.

In the end, I never had the privilege of trying out Aruba’s Holiday Inn grilled cheese. I guess there’s always next year?

*I only failed myself once this trip. My last night in Aruba proved I was a winner, just not at the Holiday Inn and without a grilled cheese.


Holiday Inn Late Night Grilled Cheese?

At the Holiday Inn, everyone’s a winner. Last year on my last night here I won $100 which is the most money I’ve ever won gambling. And rumor has it (says some trusty seasoned vets) that the Holiday Inn in Aruba serves up a tasty grilled cheese in their casino AFTER 12pm. I think tonight might be the night I find out. Last night I won a whopping $60 at the Hyatt’s roulette table at 2AM. I’m thinking late night gambling might be my lucky time.

Apparently they don’t just serve these buttery cheese sandwhiches to just anyone though… I wonder what I’ll need to do to get my fix. Either way, I think it will be satified.

Stay tuned for details…

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