Memory Walk, a Huge Success!

Yesterday morning about 800 people showed up for another successful NYC Memory Walk in Riverside Park! Between the 100 teams that had pre-registered for Memory Walk, we have collectively raised closed to $750,000! The Junior Committee alone has raised $16,000 to date and will continue accepting donations through early December. So, if you haven’t had the time to make your donation, you can still do so here. Although the Junior Committee has done a great job in fundraising we have not yet reached our goal of $20,000 and would greatly appreciate your help and support in doing so.

The Junior Committee booth was packed with enthusiastic walkers all eager to learn about our organization and to Write To Congress to help increase funding for Alzheimer’s disease. If you were unable to attend yesterday’s walk and would like to show congress that you are an advocate of fighting Alzheimer’s disease, TAKE ACTION NOW.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank the people who have already donated to this cause and to my friends and family who came out to support me yesterday:

Regina, Jack, Amanda, & Ralphy Levine, Bea Shavit, Lindsay Trust, Missy Singer, Lauren Abramson, Allie Schachter, Joanna Dubin, Shira Nanus, Bryant Schneider, Stephanie Harz, Janet & Robbie Winterstein, Susan & Rich Landauer, Wendy & Dennis Fingold, Linda & Mark Klayman, Laura & Dave Zimmerman, and Sue & Mike Levy.