Asian Cuisine: Pan Asian or Asian Fusion?

Living in Manhattan has given me a constant craving for all things Asian; well, in terms of food at least. I’m not sure whether it’s because there is an Asian inspired restaurant on every corner or I just love the comforting taste of carbs & MSG. I don’t mean to put down this cuisine by any means, I just don’t quite understand why I love Asian Food so much! And it’s ironic how much I love the stuff given how I enjoy eating healthy.

And speaking of Asian Cuisine, what do you call it? Friends and family members are commonly calling this style of cuisine Pan Asian and it drives me nuts! According to Wikipedia Pan-Asianism is an ideology that
Asian countries and peoples share similar values and similar histories and should be united politically or culturally. This could be why I don’t like the term. But I also just like the way Asian Fusion sounds AND more importantly, it just makes sense. It’s a fusion of Asian cultures, end of story.

In any case, Asian Fusion, along with Thai, Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, etc are all equally delicious. And because I frequently eat this type of cuisine, I wanted to share some of the Asian Fusion restaurants I’ve been to this month along with a list of my top favorites.

So please stay tuned for some great reviews and recommendations. Some of the restaurants up for discussion this week are:

Bond Street


New Yeah Shanghai

Nice Green Bo (New Green Bo)