Turkish Meze at Beyoglu

After seeing the Blindside last Friday, my friends and I stopped in for a bite at Beyoglu. I was pleasantly surprised by the festive decor and the welcoming staff. Beyoglu serves their dishes family style, so we ordered a plethora of wonderful Turkish meze to share with an affordably priced Cab/Shiraz blend.

Our food came out extraordinarily quickly which left me a bit skeptical. But despite the fact that the majority of the food was likely prepared in advance, all of the dishes were pretty tasty. My favorite dishes were the Greek salad and the hummus. The octopus left little to be desired, hidden in between mounds of red onion and tomato and the lamb kebab was flavorful but had an unsettling texture to it (possibly because I’m not used to eating lamb in that fashion).

Though Byoglu’s decor was comforting their food was less than satisfying. Its a cute and reasonably priced but doesn’t leave anyone much of a reason to return in a city filled with dozens of real Turkish delights.

Greek Salad crisp lettuce, greek olives, onion, feta cheese, stuffed grape leaves & artichokes

Hummus chick peas & tahini seasoned w/ cumin & garlic

Doner Kebab vertically grilled thinly sliced lamb & beef over rice pilaf

Ahtapot Salatasi char-grilled octopus marinated in olive oil & balsamic vinegar


1431 Third Avenue at 81st Street