Top 10: Must-Have Kitchen Ingredients

Every chef, from novice to expert, has certain prized ingredients they cannot and will not live without. And being someone who holds the kitchen quite dear to her heart, I have my own list of Must-Have Kitchen Ingredients that a chef of any skill is likely to require.

Though a chef’s ingredients will vary depending on the type of cooking they do, it’s safe to say that certain STAPLE ingredients are necessary for giving the food we all know and love that special something. So stick with these TOP 10 Must-Have Ingredients and you’ll be whipping up chocolate souffles before you know it. Well, maybe not souffles, but something close to it!

TOP 10: Must-Have Kitchen Ingredients

1.   Kosher Salt

2.  Olive Oil

  • This versatile and flavorful oil is great for sauteeing fish, vegetables, or meat. It’s also commonly used in salad dressings, marinades, soups, and even baking!

3.   White Flour

  • Aside from being a staple used for baking, white flour is used as a base for soups and stews, fried foods, and thickening sauces.

4.   Garlic

  • Adds depth and flavor to any dish without the added salt and calories. Garlic can be used in almost any dish and is especially tasty when roasted and paired with pasta!

5.   Chicken Broth

  • Another great flavor booster without the extra calories or fat. Chicken broth is a great subsitute for olive oil and butter in salad dressings, marinades, and sauces.

6.   Eggs

  • This healthy and nutritious ingredient puts the spring in baked goods and makes a great batter for fried and sauteed foods. Eggs also make a great main course as a simple omlette or a complex casserole.

7.   White Wine

  • Aside from acting as a wonderful beverage, white wine is fantastic when added to sauces, soups, and stews.

8.   Whole Wheat Pasta

  • The perfect meal when you’re pressed for time. This versatile ingredient works well as a main or side dish, dressed with cheese, marinara sauce, or italian vinaigrette. Whole wheat pasta also holds up well in soups and has great health benefits!

9.   Tomatoes

  • Great in almost any dish and available in any season. These tasty fruits are invaluable in sauces make great additions to salads, eggs, pasta, and even soups!

10.  Cooking Spray

  • This incredible subsitute is comparable to olive oil or butter and comes in handy for sauteeing and baking without the extra calories.