Party Eats: Superbowl 2010 Recap

Superbowl is one of those occasions that calls for a good recipe. A recipe that will satisfy the masses and not stray too far from what they already know – chili, buffalo wings, seven layer dip, etc.¬† Because when you’re going to a pot luck Superbowl party, there’s bound to be competition. And being a food blogger and somewhat of a food expert I needed to put my best foot forward and legitimize my expertise.

So instead of my fabulous but familiar Spinach and Artichoke dip I decided to mix it up by putting¬† a new spin on an old reliable – Chili. Although I’d never made chili before, I wasn’t going to let that stop me from providing one of the best dishes at the potluck. I ambitiously decided to combine Chef Emily’s Venison Chili recipe and Simply Recipe’s Turkey Chili recipe to make my Smoky Chicken Chili. I substituted freshly ground chicken for beef to lighten up the potluck menu but added some bacon to incorporate some smoke to balance the spice. And inspired by PaulaDoesPasta, I served the Smoky Chicken Chili in small wanton cups.

Along with my Smoky Chicken Chili was an entire spread of familiar Superbowl comfort foods including an assortment of chicken wings, seven layer dip, Frank’s red hot buffalo chicken dip, beef stew, fried plantains, and pulled pork sandwiches. Needless to say we had a lot more food than was expected.

But my friend Justin was a very gracious host and coordinated an excellent superbowl extravaganza. And, I must say that I was very impressed by everyone’s culinary skills, especially the seven layer dip.