$12 Challenge Here I Come!

So the vote has been cast and soon enough I will be a contestant on Food 2’s $12 Challenge. With wit, sarcasm, and creativity I will surely trump whatever my contender dishes out. Unfortunately I won’t have much time to mentally prepare before the shoot, as our direction is given by our potential love interest, I have now been told I can bring a secret ingredient along with me!

It is pretty tough to just bring ONE ingredient with me. But the “secret ingredient” can be anything I want from a good luck charm to a zester. This ingredient is key for the camera because if picked correctly it will compliment my dish perfectly and ultimately lead me to victory!

As of course I have NO idea what to bring with me, so I’ll put it out there for suggestions from my fans. You are fans, right? Well, in any case, I hope someone out there will inspire me with a killer ingredient that will wow both my potential love and the audience!

Be creative!

6 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica! Congrats on becoming a contestant on the $12 challenge – super exciting!! I just watched an episode on Food2 to get familiarized – what’s up with the contestants cooking stuff on the street? Reminds me of the Amazing Race or something. Doesn’t look like you have much time to get the meal together so good thing you are armed with culinary knowledge! I didn’t see anyone use a secret ingredient in the episode I watched, but my favorite secret ingredients are as follows:
    entree- dried porcini mushrooms
    gratin style baked dishes -fontina
    asian dishes – fish sauce or oyster sauce
    desserts – some weird exotic fruit like cherimoya, longan, mangosteen (see my Weird Food Wednesdays)
    So when will your episode be aired? GOOD LUCK!

    • Thanks Phyllis! Yes, I’m very excited to film this weekend! I think they’re just trying to do something buzzworthy and different. I don’t have much time to conceptualize my dish especially since I’m given very little to work with! Thanks so much for your suggestions but apparently I’ve been told to bring a “secret weapon” and not an ingredient : (. I’m thinking maybe an immersion blender? But I haven’t really decided yet.

  2. Congratz….I’m lookin’ forward to seeing your webisode.
    OBVIOUSLY the secret ingredient MUST be chocolate….a most sensuous food….
    I wouldn’t make a dessert (too ordinary)
    but perhaps you can create a beverage with coffee and chocolate/cocoa for the guy to sip at the end of the meal ?? or perhaps a quick mole with chicken stock, chilis, cinnamon, onions, etc…..maybe too complex for $12 … lol
    Whatever you try you’ll be successful….you’re the best.
    Bon Chance.

  3. Hi Jessica Looking forward to seeing your webisode today. Your mom and I have been thinking for the last week for that special ingredient that will just wow the potential love interest and audience. It finally came to me last night. Your secret ingredient is “You”. Your dish will be comlimented by your creativity and your zest. You are your killer ingredient. Good luck and most important enjoy the experience. We are all supporting you

    • Joan, thanks so much for your kind words and your great suggestions! Unfortunately the shoot was cancelled because of the rain. I was a little disappointed after spending the better part of last week brainstorming but hopefully they’ll reschedule for another weekend in August. Thanks again for all of your support and I’ll keep you posted!

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