STK: OK or NG?

Last night I attended the NYC Alzheimer’s Association’s Junior Committee Gala at Tenjune. This was our second year hosting the event at Tenjune and the room looked even more beautiful than it had the year before. Although the room wasn’t as full as prior galas, it was filled with supportive guests including the infamous Elizabeth Hasselback who acted the JC’s honorary guest chair. The glamourous Elizabeth showed up fashionably late, after a book signing, gave a quick speech and peaced out which was okay with me.

The gala was catered by the ONE family’s STK which was just not up to snuff. Though I’ve never eaten at the actual STK restaurant, I’d had many of hors d’ouvres at last years event and dont’ recall it being so… blah.

STK's Sliders

The sliders being the highlight of last year’s even still took the cake but they just weren’t as good as I’d remembered and I don’t think it was because I’d had a few too many cocktails. Though STK’s sliders still had that nice spicy kick that I remember, they were served less than warm and WITHOUT fries. I vividly remember there being fries last year. WTD (what’s the deal)?

Outside of the sliders, it was satay city – Chicken Satay, Sesame Beef Satay, Shrimp Satay. I was anxiously awaiting the veggie satay but it never came and I was livid. I kid, I kid. But really STK, where was the Ahi?

But despite the lack of variety, the drinks were a plenty and a great time was had by all. And, if you weren’t able to make it, but are interested in supporting Alzheimer’s disease with a donation or as a volunteer, please visit our Junior Committee site.

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