Breakfast for Dinner?

Eggland's Best Eggs

Breakfast for dinner; a brilliant marketing ploy to get us consumers to eat more eggs OR an enticing way to lure hungry Foodbuzz featured publishers to a free dinner hosted by Eggland’s Best?

Well, fortunately for Eggland’s reputation it’s the latter and let me tell you, it was a delightful little meal.

Eggland’s Best dinner was hosted at Beacon restaurant in Midtown. Despite knowing that Eggland’s Best eggs would be served,  I was hoping Beacon would serve some of their own upscale fare as well (Beacon’s main courses start at $30!). But aside from the Prosecco and croissant assortment, which were lovely, the eggs were certainly the center of attention.

 Eggland's Scrambled Eggs egglands-best-event-skirt-steak-046

The scent of eggs, croissants, and more croissants filled the room, nearly begging to be eaten.  Eggland’s even had a create-your-own omelet station to allow for omelets to be made with only whites. It was an Eggland affair!

egglands-best-event-skirt-steak-040 egglands-best-event-skirt-steak-045 egglands-best-event-skirt-steak-057

So now you probably want to know what I thought of the eggs that have been voted America’s best tasting egg for 7 consecutive years, right? Let’s put it this way, I eat A LOT of eggs. If I could put a number on it, I’d say I eat at least 2 eggs and 6 egg whites a week (a little more than half a carton). And despite my heavy egg consumption I honestly don’t taste a difference between brands. Maybe that’s because I’ve never thought about it too much. After all, they’re just eggs! Though I am certain that with the 25% less saturated fat, 10x more vitamin E, 100 mg of Omega-3, 2x more iodine, and 25% more lutein Eggland’s Best eggs have over their competitors, that they are the best egg around. But do I taste the difference, sadly I do not.

Despite the lack of Eggland’s differentiation from other brands, I now know more about eggs than I ever needed to. And will leave you with this realized food myth on Brown Eggs (vs. White Eggs):

For some reason I was always under the impression that brown eggs were richer in flavor than white eggs. Well guess what, brown eggs are brown because they were laid from brown chickens. Brown eggs tend to be larger than white eggs because brown chickens eat more (why, I’m not sure) but the nutritional value of white and brown eggs are EQUAL. So, to all of you chickens out there also buying brown eggs, feed them to the birds!



4 Responses

  1. I love this blog!

  2. Hey Jessica,

    So jealous (AGAIN) that you got invited to enjoy another free Foodbuzz function. Even more jealous that the featured food was eggs! And I don’t think your egg consumption is very high at all, I probably have at least that much every week (and my cholesterol is kinda on the high side).

    I really can’t tell the difference between egg brands either, but I’ve been lucky enough to try eggs fresh from a friend’s backyard chicken coop. I was warned that the yolks would be a lot deeper in color than grocery store eggs. And they were – almost orange, making my scrambled eggs a bright saffron yellow – they were delish.

    And thanks for the info about brown vs white eggs. For some reason, I always thought the white eggs were bleached!

    • I know, Foodbuzz has been amazing about connecting us with great food brands and unique event opportunities. And, the best one is coming up in May…. Foodbuzz is hosting an exclusive event for us at DAVID BURKE’s TOWNHOUSE! I couldn’t be more excited.

      Also, regarding the yolks of the eggs.. I was told that the color of the yolk is dependent on the color and quality of the feed given to the chickens. I hear that the egg yolks in Europe are much more orange. I’m not sure if the feed is a better quality per se, but it’s different than what US chickens are fed. And I have to say the brown eggs I had at my friend Greet’s in Moors Head (Belgium) which were fresh off the farm as well, were fantastic! I remember them from 5 years ago!

  3. Yes, I was lucky enough to get an invite to foodbuzz’s millionth post celebration at Townhouse. But I’m going to be out of town so I can’t make it 😦
    Super disappointed, but maybe we’ll run into each other at the next event.

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