Shmaltz HE’BREW Beer Tasting ON Passover

Last night I attended a PRIVATE Shmaltz Beer Tasting over at the Blind Tiger, thanks to  Foodbuzz.  Though this event was ironically held the night BEFORE Passover ended, I figured it was a unique opportunity that God had bestowed upon me. I mean it’s HE’BREW!

After making my peace with breaking Passover and arriving at the Blind Tiger I was immediately bombarded with dozens of eager beer drinkers, which I later learned were beer bloggers. Needless to say, the place was packed and I was happy to be among my fellow beer aficionados! Eventually Shmaltz reps Matt Polacheck and Sean Lynch found Christophe (of Chez What) and I and gave us a rundown on the 12 beers (coincidence I, think not) Shmaltz was serving that night.

After assessing our palettes, Matt & Sean decided to serve us a tasting of HE’BREW’s Coney Island Sword Swallower,  Rejewvenator, Jewbelation 12, and Coney Island Human Block Head (Aged in Jack Daniel’s Barrels). These four beers, as well as the others are considered to be vintage brews which will no longer be served (at least in NY) after Blind Tiger taps out. Lucky us!

Before last night, I hadn’t even heard of Shmaltz’s Coney Island line. Apparently Coney Island USA, a non-for-profit Coney Island corporation, approached Shmaltz about an exclusive line of “experimental lagers” to generate income for Coney Island. Though Shmaltz was hesitant at first, they decided to amuse themselves by designing a comical and entertaining line of lagers to reflect the personalities of Coney Island’s finest Sideshow talent. Shmaltz created a circus of five beers featuring Coney Island’s top Sideshow acts which later became Coney Island Craft Lagers.


But despite the successful specialty circus line, Shmaltz’s original line began with HE’BREW.  Their existence began with Messiah Bold and later created Genesis Ale, which are still the only two beers sold in 6-packs at retail stores today.  Thankfully, HE’BREW was blessed with the births of many other joyous lagers including the Rejewvenator, my favorite of the four lagers I’d tasted. The Rejewvenator is unique in that its half lager-half ale (lager yeast that has been converted to ale) and naturally sweetened with California fig juice. Though the other HE’BREWs were excellent I believe the Rejewvenator really stood out from the rest; with the Jewbelation 12 coming to a close second probably just because of the 26 ingredients it took to brew it!

Now HE’BREW celebrates 13 wonderful years of livelihood (Mazel Tov!), and you have to be wondering, what’s up next? All I can tell you right now is, expect a BAR-MITZVAH lager made from 13 malts, 13 hops, brewed every 13 hours and served in 13 countries, 13 times a year OR some similar shtick.

For the details on the Shmaltz Brewing Company and specific vintage brews you’ll have to check back tomorrow…

And to find Shmaltz Beer Tastings at a city near you, visit HE’BREW’s MySpace page.

8 Responses

  1. All Right! It was nice to meet you and I am glad you were there – I dont think I would have held those guys attention as much as you did it worked out perfectly……

  2. LOL – I clicked on this post when I saw the world Shmaltz, thinking it would be about rendered chicken fat!

    The names of the lagers are hilarious. Thanks for sharing!

    • Phyllis, that’s so funny! I was actually spelling their name Schmaltz with a C until I realized it was incorrect! Tomorrow I’m hoping to post some more information about HE’BREW because they are both extremely interesting and HILARIOUS! Apparently Jeremy, the owner of HE’BREW was an English major at Stanford or some other really great school and is really into creating these intricate stories for the beer, which is clearly a brilliant marketing tactic to get consumers interested in their brand. I mentioned that they’ll have a Bar -Mitzvah beer coming out to celebrate their 13th anniversary and they previously had a special 8 year beer to celebrate chanukah and a special 12 year beer that I don’t believe was connected to any Jewish milestone. But, in any case, everything they do has some Jewish significance which I personally love!

  3. It was a “PRIVATE” event? They have special events (special brewery showcases, if you will) every Wednesday night… open to the public. Glad you had fun though

    • Well though the Beer Tasting itself was public, Foodbuzz connected us personally with two of the reps from Shmaltz and were given an informative and complimentary tasting.

  4. Hey Jessica. This is Zak from Shmaltz Brewing Company. Thanks so much for coming out to our event at Blind Tiger. Passover actually ended last night at sundown (crazy lunar calendars) so don’t worry, you didn’t get any negative points from the Big Guy. Feel free to holler if you’d like any more info about the company or our beers. L’Chaim!!

  5. While I’m totally digging the clever names, I think it’s great that the beers actually taste good. Too bad they are retiring Jewbilation and the Rejewvenator! Looking forward to reading more…

  6. Nice post Jessica. I received a link back to this on my blog and wanted to direct you to a more topical post, featuring the boys from He’Brew:

    Also, I believe the He’Brew line is all ales, especially the Jewbelation line. I loved Jewbelation 12 and can’t wait for the next installment.

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