It’s Great To Be Back!

This happens to be a big post for me. Not only is this my first post in over two weeks, which I know is just unacceptable for attaining a captive audience, but it’s also my first post on wordpress since I initially started blogging!

The truth is, I only left wordpress in the first place so that I could place sell out ads on my blog. I know that is completely lame and especially because I wasn’t even getting enough traffic to make anything substantial. And when I say substantial I mean, I JUST received a check for $2.20 cents from my only legit sponsor FoodBuzz. Clearly I wasn’t doing this for the money people!!! But regardless, I am happy to be back with wordpress which is a far superior blog host (to blogger) in more ways than I can speak of considering it is now 11:55 pm and I am completely exhausted from eating an absurd amount of food at tonight’s Choice Eats Awards, hosted by the Village Voice.

But not to worry, there will be PLENTY more on the Choice Eats Awards, with other fun coverage of recent food events, and PASSOVER recipes!


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