I must admit that I’ve eaten a lot these past two weeks let alone this entire year. Between the holiday lunches, tree trimmings, and my indulgent Aruban vacation, I’ve completely exhausted my senses and my stomach. I don’t think there’s a food I’d left uncovered. From my renewed romance with steak, to a variety of fine cheeses, local seafood, organic mixed greens, exotic fruits, and so much more this has truly been a year of glorious excess.

But despite the wonderful culinary delights I’ve experienced over the past year, no meal would have been as pleasurable without the people I’d shared them with. I’m lucky to have such warm and caring family and friends to encourage my passion for both food and life. This past week in Aruba alone has given me a great appreciation for dining with friends and realizing that WHAT you eat isn’t always that important. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to not be eating lunch at the Aruban Subway anymore, but sometimes just kicking back and letting someone else do the ordering can be just as enjoyable.

And to all of those who have endured my mid-meal picture taking, I thank you and hope you won’t hold it against me. Hopefully it will prove its success in my year-end blog stats. And just to prove to myself that my 2008 culinary year has left its mark, please help me reminisce with a list of my TOP 10 food experiences this year…


10. Pure Food & Wine, Zucchini & Local Hot House Tomatoes Lasagna
9. Blue Moon Cafe, Tuna Tar Tar Trio
8. Jimmy’s 43, Beer, Chocolate, & Cheese Tasting
7. BondSt, Shrimp Special (similar to popcorn shrimp with spicy sauce on top)
6. The Inn, Grilled PB&J
5. Baroanda, Linguine con Vongole
4. Marigolds, Vegetable Grilled Cheese
3. Chef’s Tables, Tuna Tar Tar & Creme Brulee Dessert Shot
2. Toloache, Fish Tacos
1. Counter, Mini Vegan Pecan Pies

I hope you’ll try some of these restaurants in 2009. And to all, good eating and Happy New Year!

3 Responses

  1. you are a tuna tar tar eater aren’t you…. in any case I too enjoyed Blue Moon Cafe and have been there for a delightful Sunday’s brunch.

    Happy New Year and many more most excellent foodie adventures in 2009

    with love,
    Foodie Uncle Rich

  2. Those Mini Pecan Pies were damn good! Good call.

  3. Yes! I love Tuna Tar Tar. Does anyone have any good recommendations of new places to try?

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