La Esquina

La Esquina, aptly named, is literally on the corner of Kenmare and Lafayette. And according to Alan, it’s just across the street from the well known Eileen’s Cheesecake and Le Jardin Bistro, which apparently used to be the IT brunch spot but has gone down hill. And what a shame too, since its noted for its beautiful garden. Being in such a visited location in Soho, the La Esquina Cafe probably gets a lot of foot traffic. And seeing that our little group had more food to look forward to, we thought we’d get a quick bit in the cafe.

All three of us (Rich, Alan, and I) didn’t even have to look at the menu to order. We all went in craving the Pescado A Las Brasas, also know as the fish tacos. According to Rich, La Esquina actually uses “real” fish rather than tilapia, which is why he chose this specific Taqueria as his
second stop. La Esquina’s fish taco is made with grilled market fish, shredded cabbage, red onion and salsa verde and is served with a side of lime. I only recently became interested in fish tacos,
so I admit I’m not the connoisseur. But, like any well eaten New Yorker, I have a strong opinion on the food in question.

Though the presentation was wonderful, my first bite of fish taco consisted of mostly the soft cornmeal taco and various accompanying sauces rather than the fish itself. When I finally got a taste of the fish, I felt it was a little too charred. The char overwhelmed the flavor of the taco so much that all I could taste was the char, the mealy soft taco, and the salsa verde.

Despite the disappointing pescade a las brasas, i still have high hopes for the main dining room in La Esquina. I would encourage anyone to try out the cafe, just for the fun of eating a messy taco on a plastic plate while you people watch through the large glass windows from your rickety stool.

114 Kenmare Street, at Lafayette


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