Corner Bistro Reviewed

Considering how much I love hamburgers, I can’t believe how long it has taken me to eat at the infamous Corner Bistro. I’ve always loved Corner Bistro, despite having never been there. I mean just the thought of knowing a classic neighborhood bar serves up dirt cheap, no frills burgers and $2.50 McSorelys in the West Village, is fantastic in and of itself. But then to actually go and experience it first hand, well I’m at a loss for words.

As a friend and I headed up towards Corner Bistro I noticed that it was quite crowded. I guess it being a Thursday night at 9pm, what more could you expect? I quickly learned that there is no jotting down of names but an old fashioned line in the middle of the place that you wait on in order to get a table. Since everyone else in line seemed to have a beer mug in their hand, my friend and I grabbed some McSorely Darks and began our journey. Clearly, with delicious beer in hand, we didn’t mind the wait.

I believe it was only two and a half beers later until we were seated, since the nice waiter was able to sneak us a table somehow ahead of a few other couples. When we finally sat down I noticed there was no menu but a board hidden somewhere on the left of the bar with five options:

  • Bistro Burger
  • Hamburger
  • Cheeseburger
  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich
  • French Fries

I ordered a hamburger medium while my friend ordered the Bistro burger. Both burgers are served with lettuce, tomato, onion, and to my delight, pickles on the side. The Bistro burger is also served with cheddar and bacon. We both ordered fries and another round of Mcsorely Darks. Before the waiter had left I reconsidered adding cheese and had asked if they had blue cheese. With a sly smile, the waiter said no and went off to place our order. Clearly they were only serving the basics.

Our burgers had arrived shortly after striking up a conversation about In-N-Out Burger with the patrons sitting next us. I mean the Corner Bistro burger was served up in a similar style to In-N-Out but has a completely different flavor. Though the In-N-Out burger definitely falls into the most delicious fast food burger category. But going back to the Corner Bistro burgers… boy did they look delicious. My burger was cooked to a perfect medium and had the right proportions of lettuce, tomato, and onion. And the few pickles on the side were a great addition. The Bistro burger, looking the most fabulous of the two (see pictures below), tasted as good as it looked, so I hear. Though I didn’t try it myself, I took my friend’s word for it. The fries were pretty standard, nothing special to speak of. But between the beer, the burger, the bar, and neighborhoody feel of the place, it was a great night.

How I never tried Corner Bistro after working in Chelsea Market for two and a half years is BEYOND me. I will certainly be returning and hopefully soon. Though I recommend NOT going hungry during peak hours, which might just be all the time.

Corner Bistro

331 W. 4th St. (at Jane St.)

The Bistro Burger

The Bistro Burger

Look at that height

Look at that height

Just a regular burger

Just a regular burger



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